Bull & Female Consignment 
Thursday, May 19, 2022 | 11:00 AM

Packer cows will begin selling at 10:00 am.  The Bull & Female Consignment will sell at 11:30 am.

  • 5 Virgin Angus bulls that are out of low birth weight and calving ease 44 Ranch bulls. Bulls are 18 months old & coming from the Bennett Ranch.   (1)
  • 10 Virgin registered Angus bulls that are 17-19 months old. Bulls are in great shape and ready to turn out.  They are sired by super sons of VAR Discovery, VAR Index, Basin Advance and Firestorm.   Consigned by the Ivey Ranch.  (2)

  • 18 Angus pair with Angus sired calves at their side and running back with Angus bulls. (3)
  • 2 Angus cows that are medium to long bred to an Angus bull. (4)
  • 30 Brangus pair that are solid mouth with Charolais calves at their side and running back with Charolais bulls. (5)
  • 2 Angus bulls coming 2 years old. Ready to go to work.  (6)
  • 11 Registered Angus bulls that are 17-18 months old consigned by Dr Robert Johnson. Bulls are virgins and ready for service. (7)
  • 19 Young fall calving Hereford cows bred to Hereford bulls. Cows are 3-4 years old.  (8)
  • 60 Brangus cows with 55 Brangus sired calves at their side and running back with Brangus bulls. Cows are solid mouth.  (9)
  • 10 Angus cows that will calve late fall. Cows are bred to Brangus bulls.  (10)
  • 11 Angus cows that will be short bred to a Brangus bull. (11)
  • 5 Fancy open red baldie heifers that are ready for the bull of your choice. Heifers will weigh around 900 lbs. (12)
  • 45 Angus cows with most being baby tooth and exposed back to 44 Farms Angus bulls for 30 days. (13)
  • 59 Angus, Brangus and Charolais cross cows with 45 calves at their side weighing 300-500 lbs. Cows have been running back with Angus bulls.(14)
  • 16 Angus cows that will calve this fall out of Hereford bulls. (15)

If you are unable to attend the sale, you can use the online auction for the sale or give us a call and we can assist you with your purchases. 

Internet Guidelines:

View it live, bid online, or give us a call (325-372-5159) and we will assist you with your purchases. If you have previously registered to buy with us online, click the "live auction" button on our website and log in, but if you have not previously registered to buy with us for our online sales, please do so at least 2 days prior to the sale.  For instructions, go to our website and click on “internet sales”. If you have any questions when you get to cattleusa.com go to the help center tab. If you need additional assistance, please call or email us.  A running order will be posted on our website the evening before the sale.



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