Special Bull Offering
Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 10:00 am | San Saba 

In conjunction with the regular sale.  Bulls will sell at 10:00 am.  Plan to attend.
Bulls will be fertility tested, meet trich requirements and ready to go to work.

Over 80 Bulls Consigned – Books are Closed!

Consignments Include:   25 Angus, 20 Composite, 15 Charolais, 15 Hereford, 10 Brangus, 6 Red Angus, 2 Balancer, 2 SimAngus, 1 Maine & 1 Stabilizer Bull.

  • 12 Outstanding registered virgin Charolais bulls that will be 18-24 months old.  The bulls are in great shape and ready to go to work.  Take a look at these bulls on our website.  Consigned by Jauer Livestock.  (1)   VIEW EPD's    |    VIEW VIDEO 1     |     VIEW VIDEO 2

  • 3 Virgin Red Angus bulls that are 18 months old and consigned by Brad Bellah in Throckmorton, TX.  Bulls are out of registered stock and will be subject to registration.  (2)
  • 1 Virgin 12 month old Red Angus bull consigned by Brady Bellah.  (3)
  • 1 Virgin Black Red Angus bull that is 18 months old and consigned by Brad Bellah.  He is out of a registered Red Angus bull and a registered Red Angus cow.  (4)
  • 3 Virgin polled Hereford bulls that are 18 months old.  Bulls will be tested and ready to go to work for you.  They are coming off of Brad Bellah in Throckmorton, TX.  (5)
  • 2 Registered Hereford bulls in which 1 is horned that is a low birth weight bull and the other is polled.  Both are Barber Ranch bulls and were used in one breeding season.  They will be in good shape and ready to work for you.  (6)
  • 5 Virgin registered Angus bulls that will be coming 2 years old.  A couple will be ideal for heifers.  Go to our website for pictures.  Coming from Jauer Livestock.  (7)   VIEW EPD's   |      VIEW VIDEO 1     |     VIEW VIDEO 2

  • 2 Virgin Angus bulls that are coming 2 years old in May.  One will be registered and is AI sired by SAV America 8018.  The other bulls is commercial and goes back to Iconic G95.  This bull is 7/8 Angus 1/8 Simmental.  Either bull will add value to your calf crop.  Consigned by Savage Angus Ranch.  (8)     VIEW VIDEO 1     |     VIEW VIDEO 2    |     VIEW VIDEO 3
  • 5 Virgin commercial Angus bulls that are 14-15 months old weighing around 1400 lbs.  These bulls go back to Consensus.  They are coming from the Savage Angus Ranch.  (9)     VIEW VIDEO 1   |   VIEW VIDEO 2    |    VIEW VIDEO 3    |    VIEW VIDEO 4    |    VIEW VIDEO 5    |    VIEW VIDEO 6    |   VIEW VIDEO 7
  • 3 Registered virgin Charolais bulls that are 16 months old and consigned by Joe Herd of Irene, TX.  Bulls go back to Marti Charolais bloodlines and will be ready to work for you.   (10)
  • 4 Registered Angus bulls that are 24 months old and will be virgin.  Bulls are consigned by David Grimsley of Brownwood, TX.  (11)
  • 20 Virgin Black Composite bulls (½ Angus ¼ Maine ¼ Simmental) consigned by Robert Reich.  Bulls are bred for high milk, large ribeye & low birth weight.  They are long yearlings 12-14 months old.   (12)
  • 4 Choice virgin registered Angus bulls that are 17 months old.  These bulls will weigh 1500-1600 lbs.  Consigned by Harvey Angus Ranch.  You will like these!  (13)    VIEW EPD's
  • 3 Virgin registered Hereford bulls coming 2 or 2 past.  Two bulls will be horned and one is polled.  These stout bulls are coming from Jauer Livestock.  (14)     VIEW EPD's   |     VIEW VIDEO

  • 2 Registered Balancer bulls that are black and will be 4 years old.  Bulls will be ready to go to work. Both bulls are heifer safe, and have been used in the past on both heifers and our cow herd. They're both efficient, and have the ability to cover a large herd.   (15)     VIEW VIDEO 1    |    VIEW VIDEO 2
  • 1 Fullblood registered Maine bull that is two past and coming from Heston McBride.  This bull will be ready to go to work and papers will be available on sale day.  (16)
  • 1 Leachman Stabilizer bull consigned by Heston McBride.  This young herd sire just turned 2 year old and will be ready to go to work.  (17)
  • 5 Registered Hereford bulls consigned by Jon Witte.  These young bulls are yearling past and sired by UPS Sensation 2296.  They are all virgin bulls and papers will transfer at buyer’s expense.   (18)

  • 1 Registered virgin Angus bulls that goes back to Express Ranch genetics.  This bull is 17 months old and comes from Liveoak Ranches.  (19)
  • 1 Virgin commercial 16 month old Red Angus bull that is consigned by Liveoak Ranches.  Genetics goes back to RA Brown Ranch genetics.  (20)
  • 1 Registered three year old Angus bull that is a Hales Ranch Angus bull.  This bull can cover a large group of cows.  Consigned by Liveoak Ranches.  (21)
  • 2 Home raised Angus bull that is close to 2 years old.  Consigned by the Walker Ranch in Lohn, TX.  (22)

  • 1 Black SimAngus bull that is 3 ½ years old coming from the Leonard Ranch.  (23)
  • 2 Registered polled Hereford bulls consigned by Knox Brothers.  These two bulls will be coming 2 years old and ready to turn out.  These are nice.  (24)
  • 3 Registered Angus bulls that just turned 3 in March.  These young sires are consigned by Matthew Barnes and will be ready to go to work.  (25)
  • 10 Big stout virgin Brangus bulls that are 18-20 months old and consigned by MP Brangus.  Bulls are registered and good.  (26)

If you are unable to attend the sale, you can bid online or call us and we can assist with your purchases. 

Internet Guidelines:
View it live, bid online or give us a call 325-372-5159 and we will assist you with your purchases. If you have previously registered to buy with us online, click the "live auction" button on our website and log in, but if you have not previously registered to buy with us for our online sales, please do so at least 2 days prior to the sale. For instructions, go to our website and click on “internet sales”. If you have any questions when you get to cattleusa.com go to the help center tab. If you need additional assistance, please call or email us. A running order will be posted on our website the evening before the sale.



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