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Whether you are buying or selling cattle, Jordan Cattle Auction can help meet your needs. Through our country cattle service, we can market calves, yearlings, replacement females and bulls.

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  • 350 Choice Angus plus and Brangus 1st calf pairs. This set of females are big and stout and have a
    good set of big calves at side. Cows are open to breed this December. Call Bart. (Lot C366)
  • 21 Choice Angus cows that are bred back to an Angus bull and are to calve in the spring. These females are 5 years old. Call Bart. (Lot C365)
  • 60 2nd calf cows which 55 are Red Angus and 5 are Red Baldies. Cows will calve this spring and have been bred to an Angus bull. Call Jeffrey. (Lot C364)
  • 50 Choice Angus cows with some Angus Baldies that will calve the first part of December. They are A.I. bred to top Registered Hereford bulls. Cows are mostly 2nd calf and all are branded. Cows are year branded and will calve in a 60-day calving period. A good young set of females. Call Jeffrey. (Lot C363)
  • 130 Choice 2nd calf one raising set of cows which 100 are Angus, 15 Angus Baldies, and 9 Red Angus. Cows are all year branded and will be A.I. bred to top Registered Hereford bulls to start calving the first part of December for a 60-day calving period. Cows are all northern genetics and will be gentle and come to feed. If you are looking for a young productive set of females, take a look at these. Call Jeffrey. (Lot C362)
  • 34 Black and bwf first calf pair with calves at side sired by Angus bulls. Cows are bred back to registered Angus bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C361)
  • 50 Four to Five year old Angus cows to calve starting in February. Cows are bed to Barber and Langford Hereford bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C359)
  • 25 Fall calving cows, baby tooth to solid mouth. Angus and Simi Angus genetics, could be a couple of reds in group. All bred to Upstream Ranch Hereford bulls from Nebraska. Call Jody. (Lot C356)
  • 12 Choice purebred Brahman heifers weighing 800 lbs. exposed since June 1st to a lbw Angus bull. Call Bart. (Lot C351)
  • 2 Choice polled Hereford heifers exposed to a lbw Red Angus bull. Call Bart. (Lot C349)
  • 5 Exposed registered horned Hereford heifers exposed to a registered lbw Red Angus bull since May 1st. Call Bart. (Lot C348)
  • 2 Exposed first calf Angus and Maine Angus bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C344)
  • 20 Young Hereford cows all club calf genetics. These cows are 3-9 years old and bred to calve in the summer & fall. Several Donor cows in this set. Call Bart. (Lot C339)
  • 40 Fancy Tigerstripe heifers AI bred to a R.A. Brown low birth weight Red Angus Bull & cleaned up with low birth weight registered Angus bulls. Heifers will be 4-6 months of age. Call Bart. (Lot C336)


  • 2 1/2 Waygu and 1/2 Angus Bulls that are 3 years of age. Bulls have been trich and fertility tested. Call Bart. (Lot B119)
  • 3 Red Brangus bulls 17-18 months of age. Bulls are virgins and ready to turn out this fall. Call Bart. (LotB118)
  • 4 Gray Brahman bulls 20-24 months of age. All Hudgins bloodlines. Outstanding set of virgin bulls. Call Bart. (Lot B117)
  • 2 Registered Santa Gertrudis bulls that are 30+ months of age. Call Bart. (Lot B116)
  • 25 Waygu & Waygu Angus heifer bulls 2-3 years of age. Call Bart. (Lot B115)

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