• 55 Fancy calving Angus heifers bred to Larry Donop lbw Angus bulls. Heifers will start calving September 23rd for 60 days. Heifers are big & stout. Call Bart. (Lot C120)
  • 150 Fancy one raising F2 pair out of Tigerstripe cows and registered Angus bulls. These first calf pair are running back with SimAngus bulls and calves have been worked. Call Bart. (Lot C119)
  • 90 Angus heifers that are currentlycalving to Jorgensen Ranch registered bulls. These females are all one raising sired by Express Ranch & 44 Farms bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C115)
  • 40 Choice home raised Hereford heifers that will weigh 750 lbs and ready for the bull of your choice. Heifers will be OCV and current on all shots. Call Jeffery. (Lot C111)
  • 65 Open heifers which are Angus and Angus baldies with a few having a touch of ear. Heifers are ready for the bulls. They will weigh 750-800 lbs. Call Jeffrey. (Lot C110) -- Click Here to View Videos
  • 22 Choice spring calving pairs black, black wf, and red . Call Bart. (Lot C109)
  • 250 Fancy F-1Tigerstripe heifers bred to start calving the end of August to registered Red Angus bulls. These females are big and stout. Sell in truck load lots. Call Bart. (Lot C106)
  • 42 Choice spring calving Angus pairs. These long-aged females have Waygu sired calves at side. Call Bart. (Lot C104)
  • 23 Fancy first calf black F-1 pair with Angus sired calves at aside. Call Bart. (Lot C101)
  • 35 First calf Brangus pair with Angus and Red Angus calves at side selling open. Call Bart. (Lot C100)


  • 2 Choice SimAngus bulls that are 14-18 months old. Call Bart. (Lot B135)
  • 6 Choice horned Hereford bulls that are 16-20 months of age. Call Bart. (Lot B134)
  • 5 Registered Polled Hereford bulls 19-20 months old. Call Bart. (Lot B133)
  • 8 14-17 month old Brangus bulls. Out of these 2 are registered and 6 are commercial bulls. The registered bulls are sired by SRR Hannibal and the popular Atlanta commercial bulls are sire by MC Elegido 142072 and SRR Hannibal Bulls will be trich and fertility tested. Call Jody. (Lot B128)
  • 3 ½ Waygu and ½ Angus heifer bulls. Call Bart. (Lot B121)
  • 2 ½ Waygu and ½ Angus bulls that are 3 years of age. Bulls have been trich and fertility tested. Call Bart. (Lot B119)

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