6th Annual Hill Country Youth Commercial Heifer Sale
Thursday, October 24, 2019 | 11:30 a.m.

In conjunction with the regular sale.  Heifers will sell at 11:30 a.m.   Plan to attend! 
Following the Bull Sale at 10:00 a.m. 

Consignments include:

  • 10 Commercial Red SimAngus Heifers. The Heifers were Sired by RA Brown and Vista Genetics Red Angus Bulls and born to Commercial Red SimAngus Cows from Bar-O-Bar Ranches, Inc.  All of the Heifers are AI Bred to 5L-Defender 560-30Z and should calve in early November as 2 year olds.  They are very gentle and will make a choice set of cows. AI service date of 1/25/19.  Projected Calving date of 11/3/19.  (1)
  • 5 Commercial black Angus heifers. They originally came from the LP Ranch in Irion County. All ranch-raised, 3 years old. Gentle with a good disposition. Cake-broke; easy to move and sort in the pen. Bred to a Powell Ranch Black Angus, low birth-weight bull with the projected calving dates in December 2019/January 2020. (2)
  • 8 Red angus heifers originating from the Appleton ranch in Brady Texas. Go back to Northern genetics, all one raising and bred to a Barber Ranch low birth weight horned Hereford bull. Bull was turned out first week of February with a estimated calving date of November   Cake broke, siren broke, gentle.  (3)
  • 5 Commercial Black Whiteface heifers out of Sandhill Farms genetics Polled Hereford cows and sired by Donop Angus bulls. The heifers are bred to TK Rampage 7502 (CED + 15, BW -.7).  Heifers were exposed to the bull on April 1 for 60 days for January – February calves.  These heifers are big, stout and gentle and current on all vaccinations.  They should calve easy as 2 year olds.  (4)
  • 6 Commercial Angus/Hereford Cross Black Baldies heifers sired by Schmidt Ranch Hereford Bulls and born to Commercial Black Angus Cows raised by Jim Heath Ranch of Mason, TX. All are coming two year old bred to Jarred Whitworth Angus bulls for easing calving.  Bull turned out February 15th and will begin calving late November.   (5)
  • 5 Super Baldy (Polled Hereford X Brangus) heifers, 22 months of age, long bred to low birth weight, sleep easy Brangus X Corriente bulls. Sired by Polled Hereford bulls from Perez Cattle Co., Nara Visa, New Mexico and out Brangus cows from Jasik Hay Farm, Pleasanton, Texas. These heifers represent some of the top genetics in the cattle industry.  They possess femininity, longevity, and fertility (all breeding on the first service), these heifers will make super producers for many years. These heifers will all calve in December in a 30 day window.  (6)
  • 4 Commercial black and black white face heifers. Heifers were born to Commercial Hereford Cross Cows and sired by a Probst Angus bull.  Heifers are bred to a Knox Angus Bull whose sire is SAV Brilliance.  Heifers are middle – long bred.  They have a good disposition, are gentle and come to horn for cake.  (7)
  • 5 Fancy long aged Brangus heifers that will be selling long bred to a 1/2 Brangus 1/2 Corriente bull. Heifers will average 1200 pounds and are current on all shots.  Heifers are big and stout and will make a great set of reproductive cows.  (8)
  • 18 Red Angus Heifers originally from the Appleton Ranch in Brady, TX. Heifers are bred to a LBW Jerad Whitworth Angus bull to start calving in November. Very nice set with the right body condition and plenty of size.  (9)
  • 6 Red Angus heifers for sale that were sired by Registered Pharo Red Angus bulls. Heifers are moderate frame and bred back to a Pharo Red Angus/Romosinuano Composite low birth weight bull and set to calve this spring. Heifers are gentle and easy to handle and hot wire broke. Calves will meet requirements for alliance with Cactus Feeders Grassfed program. (10)
  • 3 Commercial Mottled Face SimAngus heifers. Heifers were born to Commercial SimAngus Cows and sired from RA Brown and Vista Genetics Red Angus Bulls. All heifers where AI Bred to 5L Defender and should calve early November 2019. (11)
  • 4 commercial heifers are sired by Probst Farm herd sire 806 EF Doctor out of Probst Farm top end commercial angus cows. These heifers are gentle and come from a long history of proven producers. These heifers will be a great herd starter or excellent addition to your herd.  They sell open for your choice for the sire.  (12)
  • 6 Commercial 3/4 Black Angus, 1/4 Simmental heifers. The dams were primarily Donop bloodlines from Jess Anderson's herd in Brady, Texas and the sire were from Dr. Daniel Fritz's 1/2 Black Angus, 1/2 Simmental bull in Fredericksburg, Texas.  The heifers were bred to a Red Angus bull of Norman Kohls' breeding.  The heifers weigh 1200-1250 lbs.  They were raised on fertilized grass and mineral.  They are very gentle and come to cake.  They can be penned any time with a sack of cubes.  They should calve in the month of November.  (13)
  • 5 High Quality Black Baldy Heifers. Heifers are out of Barber Ranch registered Bulls and Angus cows. These females are extremely gentle and will come to cake. Bred to an Express Ranches Low birth weight bull. He was turned in on February 15th and heifers should be long bred and ready to go to work. (14)
  • 3 Commercial Brangus-Cross heifers for sale. The heifers were sired by a Weinheimer Ranch Brahman bull and born to Weinheimer Ranch Commercial Angus and Black Baldy cows. All the heifers are bred to a Wahrmund low birth weight Brangus bull and should calve in January or February 2020 as 2-year-old cows. (15)
  • 5 outstanding True F1 Tiger Stripe Heifers, heavy bred to genomic tested Express Ranch low birth weight Angus bulls, to start calving the end of October. These females are big, stout, and gentle.  Sired by Hudgins Brahman Bulls and Purebred Hereford cows.  These are fancy and the right kind.  Don’t miss these!  (16)
  • 3 home raised Sim-Angus heifers in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy that are bred to calving ease Corriente bulls. Bulls were turned out for service March 15. Calving will start Jan. 1 and should calve in a 60-day period. This nice set of gentle heifers are broke to cake and will come to a sack or feeder.  (17)
  • 3 Long-bred set of Sim-Angus heifers that are bred to easy calving Corriente bulls. Calving will start Jan 1 and will conclude by the end of February. This gentle set of cake broke heifers will come to a siren or horn and will come to a sack of feed or a feeder. (18)
  • 3 Red Angus Heifers long bred to a commercial black angus low birth weight bull who has been breeding heifers for 5 years. These Heifers were bought at Jordan Cattle Auction last November with 5 other HCYH participants, so you can purchase several pens and get a whole herd of great Red Angus Heifers.  (19)
  • 5 Brangus heifers medium to long bred to a commercial black angus low-birthweight bull who has been breeding heifers for 5 years.  Will make a choice set of momma cows. (20)
  • 3 heifers from Brangus cows (shown in the 2nd HCYHS) bred to a Limousin X Angus bull born in Jan/Feb 2017. The heifers are long bred to a commercial black angus low-birthweight bull who has been breeding heifers for 5 years.   Their mommas are great milkers and bring 400 lb calves to the pen at 4 months of age.  (21)
  • 3 homegrown black SimAngus heifers are bred to Corriente bulls. Bulls were turned out with the bulls on March 15 and will calve starting as early as January 1 and within 60 days.  Heifers are broke to cake and will come to a sack or feeder.  (22)
  • 7 Gentle 2 year old motley face Angus heifers. Shake the bucket or the sack and they will come a running! These beautiful friendly ladies will be calving at the end of November. They're mamas are Angus bred to a Schmidt Ranch Hereford bull and bred back to a low birth weight angus bull from Windy Bar Ranch.  (23)
  • 9 F1 heifers that are all 5-7 months bred to a proven low birthweight angus bull. The kids have owned the heifers since they weighed #180. The kids hand fed them for a few months until we turned them out. They are cake broke and really gentle. (24)
  • 7 Long bred, high Quality True F1 heifers. These heifers are gentle and ready to work for you. All Breed to a Registered Low birth weight Angus bull. Sleep easy knowing they are putting money on the ground. (25)
  • 5 High quality Angus heifers. Heifers are out of registered stock on both sides and are daughters of the 10X bull from Express Ranches. These females are extremely gentle and will come to cake. Bred to an Express Ranch low birth weight Angus bull. He was turned in on February 15th and heifers should be long bred. (26)
  • 3 Charbray heifers heavy bred. They are bred to a low birth weight angus bull. Would make a good set of cows! (27)
  • 10 Commercial Brangus heifers. Heifers are one raising set going back to Dannheim genetics. All bred to super low birthweight red angus LSF RHO Redemption 32B. Sire is own son of RA Brown’s Redemption. Will start calving Jan 15 as 2 years old. Heifers are medium framed with big hip and with just enough Brangus character. A very fine set of heifers that any cattleman would be proud to have in the front pasture. (28)

According to Micah Walker, County Extension Agent in Mason County “We are excited to share that the Hill Country Youth Commercial Heifer Show and Sale is currently entering its sixth year of existence. It all started with a group of passionate ranchers who believed in facilitating an opportunity for youth to acquire knowledge of life in the commercial beef industry.
This project is one that is undoubtedly most practical in terms of its goals. Participants from ten counties commit and dedicate six months to raise three to five commercial female heifers. Throughout this experience they learn about the dynamics of the beef cattle industry including all aspects of animal husbandry, estrus synchronization, genetics, problem solving, recordkeeping, and marketing. At the completion of their time invested, the participants, as producers, have the opportunity to defend every decision making process throughout the raising of the females via an expense summary form and oral presentation to a prospective buyer. Year after year, we observe that this commercial heifer project has made a lasting impact on the young producers’ futures. We believe this commercial beef industry model could grow and adapt towards extra opportunities including, but not limited to the following: additional leadership opportunities, broadening educational perspectives, and increasing the real world application prospect to further enhance the knowledge base of all youth involved.
The longevity of this excellent agricultural program and educational opportunity will continue to be expanded upon and sustained by your generous support. We hope you take part in this inspiring vision of promoting the agricultural industry by educating the youth through an enhanced yet practical hands-on experience. We aim to promote excellence in our youth with the highest quality of leadership, education, and agricultural service our world deserves. Thank you for this opportunity to share our passion with you. For additional information or any questions you may have, please contact me at (903) 439-5935 or Adam Geistweidt at (830) 998-8145 or Jordan Cattle Auction 325-372-5159

If you are unable to attend the female sale, you may view it live and bid online (or by phone at 325-372-5159). If you have previously registered with us online, click the "live auction" button above and log in, but if you have not previously registered with us for our online sales, please do so prior to the sale. For instructions or if you need additional assistance, please call or email us. A running order will be posted on this website the evening before the sale.



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