Special Bull Offering
Thursday, April 8, 2021

In conjunction with our regular sale.    
Bulls will be fertility tested, meet trich requirements and ready to go to work.

Featuring STS Ranger Angus, Hickory Sand Brangus Ranch & MW Hereford Ranch

Over 110 Bulls Consigned - Books are Closed!

Consignments Include:  46 Hereford, 28 Angus, 22 Brangus, 6 Red Angus, 6 Brahman,
3 LimFlex, 3 Maine & 2 Irish Black Bulls.

  • 20 Choice registered virgin Angus bulls that will be 18-19 months old.  This registered herd was started about 10 years ago with a lot of Gardiner influenced genetics.  Paper will be transferred by owner.  Bulls are all freeze branded for identification.  Very good stout set of bulls coming from the STS Ranger Registered Ranch (Stran Smith and Jay Foster).    (1)  VIEW EPD's   |    VIEW VIDEO 1-1    |    VIEW VIDEO 1-2


BULL 9008   |   BULL 9015   |    BULL 9021   |   BULL 9022   |    BULL 9028   |    BULL 9029   |    BULL 9031   |    BULL 9033   |    BULL 9038    |     BULL 9042    |    BULL 9053    |    BULL 9058    |    BULL 9069    |    BULL 9081    |    BULL 9086    |    BULL 9087    |    BULL 9093    |    BULL 9097    |    BULL 9099    |    BULL 9111    |    BULL 9112

  • 10 Virgin Brangus bulls that are coming off Hickory Sand Ranch.  Bulls will range in age from 12-15 months old.  Five bulls will be registered and five are commercial.  Bulls go back to mostly Three D and Hannibal bloodlines.  Bulls are in excellent condition and are the right kind.  Papers will be available on sale day for the registered bulls.  (2)
  • 20 Virgin registered Hereford bulls that are coming 2 years old.  Bulls are coming from MW Hereford Ranch of Richland Springs and will be range raised to work for you.  Bulls go back to MW and W4 genetics.   They will be ready to go to work.      (3)     VIEW EPD's   |   VIEW VIDEO 3-1    |     VIEW VIDEO 3-2
  • 3 Virgin horned Hereford bulls that are 17 months old.  All are sired by BR Gold 7004 and an outstanding Barber Ranch bull.  These bulls are stout, extremely gentle and are all half brothers.  They are consigned by Tom Dean Hereford in Robert Lee, TX.    (4)
  • 6 Registered horned Hereford bulls that are just past 2 years old and are virgins.  They are consigned by John Bankin in Bridge City, TX.  (5)
  • 8 Virgin Hereford bulls which 4 are horned and 4 are polled that are consigned by Bobby Matus in Vernon, TX.  Bulls are out of Carpe Diem son and the cows go back to Made Right.  They will be a good set of commercial bulls.   (6)
  • 2 Registered Brangus bulls that are 17-18 months old.  These virgin bulls are gentle and current on vaccinations.  Bulls are consigned by Bar 17 Ranch.  (8)   VIEW VIDEO
  • 4 Virgin registered Hereford bulls consigned by LJ LeTourneau and Kelly Jacobs.  These virgin bulls are all a product of embryo transfer and sired by Playmaker 22C.  Bulls are 14 months old and in good turn out condition.(9)
  • 2 Virgin Irish Black bulls that are coming off Langenburg Livestock. Bulls are 18-30 months old.  They are in excellent condition and will be ready to go to work.  (10) This consignment has been moved to 4/29 bull sale. Sorry for any inconvenience. 
  • 10 Virgin registered Brangus bulls that are coming off E3 Ranch.  Bulls will range from 2 to 2 ½ years old.  They are big and stout and will be ready to go to work.  Seller will transfer papers at buyer’s request.  (11)
  • 3 Virgin registered Red Angus bulls that will be 14-17 months old.  Bulls are ready to turn out.    Papers will be available on sale day.   They are well structured, good on their feet and will be balanced.  Coming from the Bragg Red Angus Ranch.  (12)
  • 3 Registered Red Angus bulls that will be 3 ½ years old.  These bulls originated from the Mushrush Ranch in Kansas.  The current owner has kept replacement heifers out of these bulls and unable to continue to use the bulls.  They have not been on cows since August.  Really good set of bulls.   Consigned by McWilliams Ranch.   (13)   VIEW Registration Papers & EPD's. 
  • 3 Virgin Black Maine bulls that are coming from Bob Miller.  Bulls range from 14-36 months.  They will be in excellent condition and are ready to go to work.  (14)
  • 4 Registered Brahman bulls that are two years old and consigned by Big Drop Ranch.  These virgin bulls are ready to be turned out.  (15)   VIEW VIDEO
  • 2 Registered Brahman bulls that are 3 years old and consigned by Schneider Brahmans.  These two virgins are low birth weight with one being gray and other is black.  Papers transferred at buyer’s expense.  (16)
  • 2 Registered virgin Hereford bulls coming off Running M Herefords.  Bulls are 17 months old and ready to go to work.  Papers available on sale day.  (17)
  • 3 Virgin homozygous Black LimFlex bulls coming off Schur Limousin Cattle.  Bulls are 18-20 months old and are all BVD free.  Bulls will be ready to turn out.  (18)

If you are unable to attend the sale, you can use the online auction for the sale or give us a call and we can assist you with your purchases. 

  Internet Guidelines:

View it live and bid online (or by phone at 325-372-5159) or give us a call and we will assist you with your purchases. If you have previously registered to buy with us online, click the "live auction" button on our website and log in, but if you have not previously registered to buy with us for our online sales, please do so at least 2 days prior to the sale.  For instructions, go to our website and click on “internet sales”. If you have any questions when you get to cattleusa.com go to the help center tab. If you need additional assistance, please call or email us.  A running order will be posted on our website the evening before the sale.



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