Whether you are buying or selling cattle, Jordan Cattle Auction can help meet your needs. Through our country cattle service, we can market calves, yearlings, replacement females and bulls.

Ken Jordan - Owner/Operator - (W) 325-372-5159 / (M) 325-372-8060 - ken@jordancattle.com
Jeffrey Osbourn - Manager (San Saba) (W) 325-372-5159 / (M) 325-372-8070 - jeffrey@jordancattle.com
Jody Osbourn -Manager (Mason) (W) 325-347-6361 / (M) 325-372-8073 - jody@jordancattle.com
Bart Larremore -
Field Rep (San Saba & Mason) (M) 325-372-8074 - bart@jordancattle.com

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  230 Horned Hereforf heifers (Lot C314)  

230 One Raising Horned Hereford heifers, bred to start calving September 1 to LBW Red Angus bulls.  Call Bart.  (Lot C314)

  60 Brangus and Brangus baldy heifers (LotC313)  

60 Brangus and Brangus baldy heifers, bred to start calving in April to LBW Angus bulls for 90 days.  Call Bart.  (Lot C313)

  1 Registered Limousin bull (Lot B12)  
  1 Registered virgin Limousin bull, black & polled,18 months of age.   Call Bart.  (Lot B12)  
  2 Beefmaster bulls (Lot B11)  

2 Virgin Beefmaster bulls, 16-17 months of age.   Call Bart.  (Lot B11)

  1 Charolais bulls (Lot B10)  

1 Virgin Charolais bull, 18 months of age.   Call Bart.  (Lot B10)

  1Red Maine bulls (Lot B9)  

1 Virgin Two year old, Red Maine bull.   Call Bart.  (Lot B9)


28 Reg Brangus bulls (Lot B6)


28 Outstanding Registered Brangus bulls, 12-15 months of age.  These young herd sires are all a product of artificial insemination or embryo transfer.  All virgin bulls.  Call Bart.  (Lot B6)

  4 Bl4 Black Corriente bulls. Call Bart. (Lot B61)ack Corriente bulls.  Call Bart. (Lot B61)  
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